Buying a Home in Reno Nevada

Are you relocating to Reno or Moving Up or Downsizing? 

Did you know you can work with me and there is no fee to you as the buyer?  In fact, my buyers save money when they use me as their exclusive buyer's agent because  I am a very skilled negotiator. I negotiate on your behalf and look after your best interests. 

Did you know you don't pay a commission when you hire a buyer's agent to represent you in your real estate transactions? I get paid by the sellers. The sellers actually compensate their listing agents. The listing agent then compensates me for bringing him or her a buyer. ​

I know the market, I know the values, I understand current market real estate trends. I have years of experience helping buyers find their dream home at the right price. I also help you get the home inspections you need on the property you wish to buy.  I will guide you to find the right mortgage broker if you are getting a loan to purchase your property. 

You deserve fairness and honesty. I will not show you homes that are out of your price range.  It is quite disappointing to fall in love with a home you are not qualified to purchase. 

What's the Next Step in the Home Buying Process?

  • We will meet with a lender to discover what price range you are qualified to buy in.
  • We will make a list of your needs and wants. There are a lot of things we all want but there are also some things we need to have in our home. It is more important to focus on getting all your needs covered, then move on the wants. 
  • I will then add your criteria to my up to the minute multiple listing service which will give us a list of properties in Reno to go and see. 
  • I will make the appointments to see these homes. 
  • We will then go together to view the Reno homes for sale you are interested in the most. 
  • When you find the house that is right for you... we will then write up an offer to present to the sellers. 
  • This starts the negotiating process which I do in your behalf. 
  • Once we have settled upon a price... terms are accepted... we start to go into the process of approvals, inspections and other requirements made by the seller, your lender and the title company. 

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Jeni Temen Real Estate Agent

Don't Forget...

Hi, I'm Jeni and I sell properties in and around Reno Nevada. I am the owner of this website as well. I am here to help you navigate this website, set up your search so you can find the perfect home and to help get you a realistic market value for your house in Reno Nevada. Text or call me at 775-772-1595.

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