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Live in Reno Nevada! Call me today and I will show you homes for sale in Reno Nevada in your price range. If you have a home to sell in Reno- call me for a confidential interview. I will give you the true market value of your home or land for sale in Reno. We still have some great values.

Jeni Temen

Over the years, Jeni has lived in Oregon, Alaska, California, and Nevada. But it was in the mountains of Nevada where she experienced her first realization of her near inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirit. It was here Jeni cemented her determination to become a good, no, THE BEST business woman in her chosen career as a realtor. When Jeni Temen arrived in Reno, Nevada, she learned very quickly there was a need for international connections between Northern Nevada and the world. Since then she has worked vigorously to educate realtors as to how international networks work and how different, sometimes dramatically, other cultures can be. Many parts of such transactions are unlike what we are used to in the United States and one must know how to handle these peculiarities or a transaction will sour or simply never occur. Understanding international idiosyncrasies is vitally important to negotiating home buying or selling with someone living overseas or coming from another country. As a Realtor, Jeni is never fatigued or too busy to guide you through the process of buying or selling real estate. She comprehends the complex nature of hearth, home and land both here in the United States and abroad. Give Jeni Temen a call and let her bring you home.

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