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      Find your dream home in Reno Nevada! 

In Reno Nevada you will be able to find a small home to fit your budget to sprawling horse ranches and fabulous estate homes.  We also still have land for sale! Yes, you can buy land here and build your own estate. 

Welcome to the "Biggest Little City in the World".  The population of the Reno metro area is about 220,000 so it is considered a mid-sized city. You can get to most places around town in under 20 minutes. 

Living in Reno you get the benefits of the friendly Nevada tax climate. ​

         Home Prices in Reno Nevada 

The median home price in Reno is $188,600. Reno has been experiencing an increase in real estate prices of 19.80%.

If you are tired of the high California taxes and prices, Reno is only 15 miles east of the California border.

This makes Reno a popular destination for people moving from California. Lake Tahoe is only about a 30 minute drive from Reno. 

You will find a wide variety of housing options, prices and locations. There is still land available to buy. If you want a lot or acreage to build your estate home on I can show you what is available right now.

 Mountain views and city views are the most popular places to buy a home or ranch. We have some great horse ranches for sale with stalls for sale and some historic properties like the historic Gold Hill hotel I listed for sale that is in the silver and gold mining district of Reno. I can also show you the Nixon Mansion which is another historic Reno Estate currently listed at $16.4Million. 

Reno homes for sale with acreage

         Home Styles in Reno Nevada 

You can find single story ranch style homes to massive neo-classical mansions. Craftsman style homes are popular in Reno. 

If you like historic homes Reno is the pl​ace for you.  Pioneers settled in the Truckee Meadows area in the 1850's.  The upper part of California Street is home to some notable historic homes with some overlooking the Truckee River. 

​The styles range from old Victorian,  neo-classical and modern. There are some interesting retro styles as well. 

Reno has some architectural gems including bungalows, cottages, Tudors and mission revivals.  There are classic styles from the 1930's and the mid-century is also quite popular. 

I will work with you to find you the best suitable property in Reno for your needs and desires. Call me at 775-772-1595 or click to call the number right below from your mobile device or tablet or computer if it makes calls: 

                                                 Historic Reno Homes 

If you enjoy history take the time to go on some of Reno's historic walking tours put on by the historical society. Here are some of the historic areas of Reno: 

  • Mansions on the Bluff 
  • Newlands Neighborhood 
  • Monroe Street 
  • Lake Addition 
  • Parsons/ Mills Architecture on Marsh and LeRue Streets 
  • Truckee River 

                                                    Horse Ranches 

Living out west is not complete without your horses!  Welcome to some of the best horse ranches right here in and around Reno.  There are properties for sale in and around Reno that are zones for horses. Some of these ranches are adjacent to BLM, ( Bureau of Land Management) which includes some nice trail rides. Call me today to start your home search or get your home on the market! 

Homes with land in Reno Nevada
Mountainview estates Reno
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