What's my Home in Reno Nevada Worth? 

Are you thinking of selling your Reno home, ranch, property, and/or acreage? 

Prior to marketing any Reno property for sale you will want to know what the best estimated home value is for your Reno home or acreage.

You can not depend on the online instant home value software which you may be tempted to use. They are not accurate.

Think about this, does that software program come over to your home and walk your property lines? Does this software have the ability to come into your home to see what upgrades you have? Then can it compare your property to another house down the street?

I think you see a couple of the reasons this type of home value report is not accurate and should not be used to price your home for sale in Reno.

I will walk with you through your property as you show me the improvements you have made. I will study the properties which are currently for sale, the ones that are pending and the ones that have sold previously. This information will be put together in a concise manner that makes sense for your situation.  

This is a what is called a "broker's price opinion" or "comparative market analysis". This home value will be much more accurate than any instant evaluator you can find on the internet. 

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